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Bath tub plumbing

One problem with our open house was that we could not offer a functioning bathroom to our visitors. This is something we would like to change. And of course, it would be nice to have it for our own use so we no longer have to rely on our neighbors and the local fast-food place for our bio breaks.

Everything in the bathroom is still bare-bones with a hole in the concrete floor for the bath tub connection. That seemed to be a logical starting point. I called Mariusz who sent his crew out to install the plumbing connection for us.

As with most things, one runs into glitches when starting on a new task. In this case it was about the location for the connection. We took the dimensions from the old salvaged claw foot bath tub and realized that we had to break up some of the concrete floor to get the plumbing to the right location.

Boy, am I glad that I took some pictures of the PEX tubing in the floor. That took the guess work out and reduced the risk of damaging the PEX loops while grinding and chiseling away.


Once the plumbing connection was in place, I could fill the hole by building up the floor section again, starting with some aggregate. The gravel is followed by rigid insulation and the concrete patch.

Great!  With the hole gone, we can begin to think about waterproofing the bathroom floor.



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