Back porch planters

My thumbs were itching! The green part of my thumbs, to be precise. Must be neurological, because my mind was seeing something that must have caused that itch…

A couple of years ago, Cathy put a raised planter together to start our small scale, yet delicious and appreciated vegetable production.

Last year, we put our back porch together, with access to the roof where we are eventually planning to have our vegetable garden. But all my mind was seeing was railings – railings that screamed: “hang a planter on me”!


I had to make that itch stop. I decided to obey the call, and act.

So I got myself some hardware, brackets and lumber. I put the brackets up on the porch and railing posts and mounted a two by six onto them. This was the shelf that would hold the planters.

planters-02 planters-03

To prevent the planter from sliding off, I took a small piece of board and attached it to the outer edge of the shelf. The board will act as a stop. I also drilled some drain holes into the shelf bottom.

Of course I knew the planter size before I started and dimensioned the brackets and shelves accordingly. And I was hoping that the whole assembly would be sturdy enough to hold the planters.

The best way to find out was to fill the planters with potting soil, soak them, and put them on the shelves.

planters-04 planters-05

Yep, it’s holding up OK! Yet, I still have the green part of my thumb itching. May be I should plant something?

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  1. Likes the planters I am waiting to see those plants plants. Don’t let us wait…

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