Front porch planters

I felt adventurous: Having the rain barrel set up made my watering chore a lot easier. So easy, in fact, that I decided I could handle a couple more planters.

While I turned the back porch planters into a salad bar, the front porch was asking for something slightly more ornamental.


But before I got to the growing part, I had to prepare a spot that would hold planters.

At some point, the previous owners poured a crude concrete cap with a round top over the graystone wing walls that frame the staircase to the left and right.


This is a perfect location for planters, but I first had to cut and grind the round concrete top into a flat surface and mount a pressure treated board on it.

planters-09 planters-10

The board bought me some extra width and served as the base for the next step: Extending the architrave profile from the column bases all the way across the wing wall. I had purchased some cedar boards that I milled and assembled into a matching profile. I chose cedar in the hope that it will age and turn a similar gray color to the limestone.


Mirroring the existing profile required a fair bit of planing to match up all lines. Thanks to our friend Job, I had become a proud owner of a handful of quality planes, and knew how to keep the sharp. And let me tell you, a good tool is half the battle!

I was doing the milling and planing close by, in front of the house, and always had a few kids stop by wondering what I was doing. But once I whipped out the plane, I had a real audience with jaws wide open. This was something the kids had not seen before.

I asked them to pick us some of the shavings and smell it – smell the cedar. That caused a real sensation. I think every single kid took some shavings home with them. I put the rest in containers and placed it in our closets.


To make sure the planters don’t get blown or knocked over, I assembled two boxes (also cedar) that would hold them in place.

All that was missing were the actual plants. I opted for Nasturtium.

planters-13 planters-14

These are very ornamental, yet edible. We love that nutty, yet spicy taste of pragmatism!


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