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Moving in…

It has been about a year since we started in earnest with the basement work. But there were a lot of big tasks we had to take care of.

Just think about the colossal mess that was here when we moved in. Think about when we cleaned out the basement, redid all the sewer work, installed the new concrete floor with the radiant heat, put in the new windows, then constructed the wall framing followed by the insulation and the utility room.

We were burning the midnight oil, particularly for the first two months of this year, and were finally able to make the move from the rental apartment at the HUB into our basement unit at the very end of February.  Although the idea of moving at the end of February in Chicago was scarier than most of the rest of what we’d done, the move itself went very smoothly thanks to the help of our friends David and Lynette.

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Yep, you read correctly, we moved in on 02/28/2011. As you can tell, the blog is about two months behind the actual events. In late 2010 things began to happen in such rapid succession that I could not keep up with the writing, let alone find the time and quiet to sit down and put my thoughts to the (digital) paper.

Even though we occupied the basement unit, we still had a lot of little things that needed to be finished. That, however, did not keep us from making this our home.