Marcus de la fleur Dip.Hort.Kew, MLA, ASLA, RLA
I am...
... an environmentalist – in the bio-political sense.
... thrilled about the opportunities we have to break with the status quo of the past and the economic opportunities that come with it.
For a living I…
... work as a Landscape Architect in my own company (de la fleur LLC), providing design and consulting services on a variety of sustainable and green projects.
... speak at seminars, annual meetings and conferences on green and sustainable opportunities you may not have known are out there.
What interests me is…
... finding a way to break down the ignorance barrier that stands between us and a more pleasant, economic, and sustainable lifestyle.
... developing solutions that break with the status quo, that are outside the box.
... talking the talk, but even more so walking the walk, like at our 168 Elm Pilot project:
Right now...
... you can follow the progress on our new pilot project at 3141 W 15th Street: Re-shaping our Footprint - The Road to a Zero-Energy Home with a Sustainable Landscape
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